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Mondex Qualifying Examination & Interview (EI)

Upon getting a perfect score, you will be redirected to registration page. Please complete the fields and upload your valid ID. If you cannot see the registration page after this exam, you need to repeat the exam until you got a perfect score and be redirected to registration page. Please enter your email: 1. Which of the statements are correct in relation to terms of payment computation.  a. Reservation fee is part of the equity  b. In case loanable amount is not fully approved by the financing institution, the balance will be paid directly to the developer as equity payment.  c. There is no interest payment during equity payment period.  d. The term equity is synonymous to downpayment.  e. All of the above 2. The following are NOT the products and services I can make business with Mondex, except  a. Health products  b. Gadgets  c. Beauty products  d. Flight booking  e. all of the above 3. Generally, what are the financing modes that may be offered by the seller/developer when purchasing a property.  a. Bank financing  b. PAG-IBIG financing  c. In-house financing  d. Only A & B  e. All of the above 4. Which of the statement is incorrect about commission  a. My commission will increase .25% in every increase of 5M net peso sale. The increased commission will only apply to new sales after reaching 5M milestone but...

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