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Mondex Qualifying Examination & Interview (EI)

Upon getting a perfect score, you will be redirected to registration page. Please complete the fields and upload your valid ID. If you cannot see the registration page after this exam, you need to repeat the exam until you got a perfect score and be redirected to registration page. Please enter your email: 1. Our client have their own choice of property and they ask you if we handle the project, what will you do.  a. I will contact my direct manager or Mondex office.  b. I will research the property through Google or sites provided by the office and provide the details to the client as initial information  c. I will tell the client that we handle the project and I can assist him/her or I can tell the client that I can refer to someone who are expert on the desired property.  d. All of the above.  e. None of the above 2. Which is the following statements are correct in relation to site viewing or site tripping.  a. Site tripping and viewing may be mandatory to some real estate developers, but may be waived if client opted not to view.  b. Usual car pooling for site viewing is every Saturday at around 9-10 am.  c. Site viewing can be done any day but vehicle provision is not always available.  d. When scheduling for a site tripping,...

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