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Stick Eyeshadow that allows simple and quick daily makeup anywhere during your hectic morning. It has
a creamy and non-fluffy texture that applies smoothly onto your eyelids without irritation.

Soft powder applies evenly and smoothly onto the eyelids without creating any creases and stays the way it was first applied

  • Clean and silky application without fluffy powders (Creamy texture)
  • Long-standing eye makeup
  • No need for brush for application
  • Because of stick type, easy to use it.

Shades Colors:

#01 ADORABLE PINK :  Bringing out lovely and lively eyes of yours that give enriching happiness.
#02 TEARS PINK :  Beauty stick that makes your eyelids shine with milky pearls, and pearly glitters right under the eyes.
#03 LOVELY VIOLET :  Allow expressive eyes with lovely violet color
#04 PINK BROWN : A Beautiful color made by the whole new Rivecowe EE stick. The best color that can be expressed in any TOPs.
#05 CHIC BROWN : Chic eye makeup that stands out enabled by simple touches.



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